Thursday, December 20, 2007

There's still time to shop & save downtown!

Tired of the mall crowds and traffic and hassle- you can finish your shopping in the Downtown stores with a bit less hustle- and a lot less rude!
Right now you can save 25% on select Vera Bradley items at The Polka Dot Zebra! If you're looking for some last minute items- Lisa has some good choices apart from Vera Bradley-- Tyler candles in holiday scents and jewelry.
The Verandah is running 50% off remaining holiday merchandise- that sale will end with this weekend- and Sheila and Beth will be closed until after New Year.
I had a call yesterday from someone downtown who was wondering if anyone in town had Trapp Candles since Inspirations closed- (the customer had come from Wilmington for them) The answer is YES- Willa's on Norwood St (Hwy 117) has them, and they have a good selection of fragrances.
Seems not a lot of people know that the Shoe Store and Hospital on NE Railroad St has started carrying Carhart for Women-
It's Thursday- One Peacock Place Ltd will be open- ( I swear I don't know how Linda keeps the schedule she does between her job and the shop!) If you are stuck for a gift idea- it's a great place to look- The Greenleaf line of diffusers and oils- pandora jewelry- if you are luck enough to have someone on your list who has Onesoles- than get them a top!
I was in The Mustard Seed the other day- they have sold a lot of their Christmas Catalog merchandise- but still had a decent selection of Christmas music and gift items. They will be open Christmas Eve from 10-4. I saw one High School Musical cd - (it was in the window) and I think there was one of the new Mannheim Steamroller cd's left after I got mine.
Don't forget Wallace Drug if you are looking for something- but don't know what- their selection of figurines and dolls and men's gifts is great- along with a nice selection of Christmas this year- and Colonial Candles.
If you need an outfit- check out Lillies Boutique! She had some great red outifits this year!
The Treasure House has a pretty selection of oil burners, and some really unique cloisonne ornaments. They have a nice selection of charms and sterling silver jewelry and some great coin sets.
Of course Evans Jewelers has a wonderful selection of jewelry and watches....And if you don't know what to get someone- you can't go wrong with a Christopher Radko ornament from Cavenaughs.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tyler Christmas Candles

The Polka Dot has Tyler Christmas Candles this year- just walk into the shop and you will be amazed by the beautiful scents that Tyler offers! Lisa has a variety of sizes to fill the needs of multiple names on your Christmas List! Check oout the gift ideas on their website

Christopher Radko at Cavenaughs

Nothing says Christmas more than Christopher Radko ornaments- check out the selection at Cavenaugh's Gifts. JD boasts one of the largest selections of Radko between Myrtle Beach and Raleigh! There are so many of these collectible ornaments that are themed- you will be sure to find one for all the difficult people on your list- and so many others that are just beautifully breathtaking!
Visit their website here

Monday, November 26, 2007

Holiday Fashion in Downtown Wallace

You'll find a great selection of Holiday Fashion at Lillies Boutique- lots of red and lots of sparkly things. If you need something formal, be sure to check Divine Fashions- They have a good selection of gowns in their consignment area. Check out the beaded evening bags at One Peacock Place LTD. They also have Christmas tops in for Onesoles Shoes. As for jewelry- check out Evan's Jewelers, Cavenaugh's, Lillies & The Polka Dot Zebra....

Visit these store's websites!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas At Twilight Ad

This is the ad for the Downtown Merchants for Christmas at Twilight as it appeared in The Duplin Times. Click on the ad to see it full size! Please take advantage of these special savings at our Downtown Merchants!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wallace Depot Dedication

The American Flag is flying proudly over the newly dedicated Wallace Depot. The ceremonies are done, and the Depot is being toured for the first time. During the ceremony remarks were made by Mayor Farrior and our local State Representatives, stories of Wallace's history were shared by Charles Brooks, Thomas Edgerton was recognized for all his contributions and efforts in making the depot restoration a reality, and the families of "Toots" Carlton and Ross Sykes were honored for the contibutions these 2 had made to the efforts not only to restoring the depot, but the revitalization of Wallace. The depot will be open Mon-Fri from 1:00-5:00.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Get Creative with your Concepts!

Creative Concepts at130 W Main St is your one stop shop for custom screen printing. Boost employee morale with a new company shirt that can be worn on casual Fridays, identify your team, commemorate special events with a custom designed shirt or cap. Having a holiday party? Order themed tees as favors- this is a great idea for birthday parties too! Creative Concepts also carries a variety of pre-made shirts with cute sayings, and of course has a great selection of WRH Bulldog shirts! Call them at 910-285-0390 to turn a great idea into reality!

Wallace Depot Grand Opening

The long anticipated opening of the newly restored Wallace Depot will be held Sunday, November 11,2007 at 3:00 pm. The building will house an art gallery with original art pieces done by members of the Long Leaf Art Guild The building will also house a train museum and model train layout and plans are being made for market space. The Wallace Chamber of Commerce has moved their office to the Depot. After the Grand Opening, the depot will be open Monday-Friday from 1:00 - 5:00. Please plan to come by Sunday to tour the building and show your appreciation for all the hard work that The Wallace Revitalization Association has put into this project.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The 10th Annual Christmas Open House at The Verandah

Set your plans now to be at the 10th Annual Christmas Open House at The Verandah this Friday and Saturday- October 26th & 27th from 9:30 am- 5:30 pm. Beth and Sheila are busy putting the final touches on this year's presentation!

Harriet is back from the Market

Harriet & Dana have been to market and have brought back some great pieces! No matter what your style or color pallette, you are sure to find a wonderful piece! Through the end of October, all accessory items are 30% off- so be sure to stop in and see what's new!

Christmas at Cavenaugh's

Patty & Kitsy have the store ready for Christmas- The Radko Ornaments are hung, the Lenox is set out, the Steinbach Nutcrackers are in place...and for gift giving see the selection of Brighton Leather goods, their jewelry collection and the Madame Alexander Dolls! You'll also want to check their selections of dinnerware, crystal, flatware and serveware so you'll be ready to set that holiday table!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

New at The Polka Dot Zebra

There are all kinds of new finds at The Polka Dot Zebra- New earrings by Jody Coyote Lexees shoes New handbags by Marc Chantal - some all leather- some in great fabrics with leather trim and a wonderful NEW to Wallace line of candles- Tyler candles They are soy candles in yummy flavors- Pineapple Crush; Limeade and my personal favorite "Diva" with floral and fruit scents with undertones of chocolate. Lisa has gotten the complete line of scents and sizes- so indulge your senses!

Let There Be ...Lamps! at 50% OFF

All month long at Farriors, you can save 50% on All Lamps....tall lamps, short lamps, big lamps, small lamps, lamps with metal, lamps with color...lamps that just are like no other!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anniversary Sale

Lillies Boutique is celebrating it's 18th Anniversary this year. To celebrate- everything in the shop is on sale! Miss Lillie started in business in Wallace years ago in a smaller location- as a Hat Shop- she made many of the hats, and they were very well received- As things are wont to do- if you have a see the perfect dress for that hat- and carry it- or see a dress that is just crying out for a hat- and buy it....and so the Hat Shop became a Boutique- and if you have hats and dresses....can handbags and jewelry and shoes be far behind!!! Over the next year, the direction in the shop will change slightly- mass selections will be replaced by unique purchases, and Lillie intends to spend some time going back to her beginning and will be making some hats. Please stop by and congratulate Miss Lillie on her store's anniversary- and ask her about her experience in Florida at the Ms Classic American Pageant. She thoroughly enjoyed participating in the pageant, and placed Third. She intends to enter again next year.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Exerpt from WITN story

This story aired on WITN news- it was about the plans to reinstate rail service from Raleigh to WIlmington within 10 years- Any town or city official will tell you that Mayor King's statement (see italics) is true- Revitalizing a downtown area is not just a good cause- it is a necessity to the health of a town. Our downtown is not yet critically ill- but it is not the healthy robust center that it was years ago. Yes, we need to build new business spaces- and we need the businesses that will come with them for our town and county's economic health- but not at the expense of the old.
GOLDSBORO, N.C. -- Randy Sauls remembers a once great union station -- when he was 10 years old. "My memory was that the train seemed larger than life," he said. "I was awestruck by it." Today, the station is nearly 100 years old and hasn't been used for 30 years. But passenger trains are one step closer to rolling through this town.The state unveiled plans today to restore Goldsboro's historic train station -- the start of a process that could ultimately connect Raleigh and Wilmington by rail….. City Mayor Al King believes the project will revitalize businesses in town. "If your downtown dies, your city's going to die," he said. "And our city was dying." The station could someday become Goldsboro's front door, just as Sauls remembers from his childhood. "There's just something nostalgic about a train whistle," he said. "It's wonderful."

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Trapp Candles have a new home in Wallace

Need an Orange Vanilla fix since Inspirations closed? Trapp Candles have a new home in Wallace at Willa's located at 508 S Norwood St. They have a good selection in the popular votive size in 8 popular fragrances including Orange Vanilla, Wild Currant, Guava Mango, Sexy Cinnamon, Water and Honeysuckle. They also have a selection of the room sprays- something a lot of you were looking for. You'll find a lot of neat things there besides candles including ladies fashions-Their hours are 9-5- and the phone number is (910)-285-2448.

At the Auction

You never know what you'll find at an auction! Last time I was there, one of the the hot sellers was cast iron frying pans- I learned a lot about frying pans from the folks around me- old ones are far superior to new ones, even those in bad shape can be returned to almost new condition with some effort-and the old ones are signed by the makers- Griswold & Worrell were among those offered that night. If you haven't been- here's how it goes, from 2-5 on Auction Day, you can get a look at all the things that will be offered. You need to register at the back of the building for a number to be able to bid- you will need your driver's license to do this. At 5, the Auction begins with "Boxed Lots". These are collections of items that are similar- a box of creamers, glasses, whirligigs, figurines, tools. The bidding is a bit frenetic- and they go FAST- and CHEAP! There may only be one item that you want in the box- but you have to take the whole thing. There is a break in the action- and that is a good time to indulge in some of the best cake this side of the railroad tracks! At 6, the Auction settles down to business with small items- everything from the frying pans to porcelain to glass, vases to coins, then moves on to furniture. It takes a little time to get used to the Auctioneers cadence- but it is not impossible to follow the action- even for the amateur. A lot of items went for very reasonable prices- much to the auctioneers dismay- some are in pristeen condition- some are a great bargain if you're willing to put in a little work. I won a blanket chest for $3.50 that will need a new cushion and hinges- but for $3.50- what's a yard and a half of fabric and some hinges! At the end of the evening, buyers are invited to look through the remaining items- if there was something they wanted that had not been auctioned, you can choose it and put it on the table- the miinimum bid for these items is $ if there is something you just have to have- and nobody else does- you can get a great deal! If you've never been, I encourage you to go! Auctions are held every other Saturday- for August the dates are the 11th & 25th. You can check out the upcoming items during the week before the auction on the Brown & Thigpen website- the link is to the right- check out the terms & conditions- items have to be taken that night or on Sunday. See you at the auction!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Toning Tables at Van's Beautique

I spent some time talking to Vanessa at Van's Beautique today- and she showed me the toning tables in the salon, and gave me a demonstration- WOW- I "did" a bunch of sit ups- with the help of the table- on my own I am sorry to say I would have trouble with one or two! Van sais when she first got the tables, she was religous about using them 3 times a week, and would use the time to nap- and the results were amazing. I had seen a piece on TV a couple of months ago about these- and how they were the rage among movie stars-and was shocked to find them here in Wallace. Van's Beautique is located at 105 E Main St- Call her at 910-285-3636 get more info on these wonderful machines..... I did some research on the whole idea- and here is what I found....

Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise Machines
*Machines are a combination of Isometric exercise movements and physical therapy.
*Firms, tones and strengthens muscles giving the skin a smooth, tight appearance.
*Reduces and often completely eliminates cellulite.
*You do not work up a sweat:
*Regular street clothes can be worn.
*No showering is necessary after machines.
*Saves time and reduces commotion, no need to re-do!
*Only three 60 minute treatments per week
*Pay per session choose a monthly payments plan.
*Results are seen quickly, motivation to continue is very high, drop out rate is low.
*Muscles remain firm and toned because the program is based on isometric range of motion exercise movements.
*Exercising is painless, easy for everyone of all ages, fun, people look forward to coming in for their next treatment!

Why These Machines Work
Therapeutic Exercise Machines utilize a combination of physical therapy and isometric exercise movements, so people of all ages regardless of health issues or limitations can use them. Every person works at their own endurance level, putting as much effort into each range of motion exercise as they are able. Because of the high number of evenly measured repetitions achieved by using each of these machines, 2 hours a week on these machines is equal to 14 hours of strenuous traditional exercise. Positive results are seen quickly, providing increased motivation to continue. Since the machines are motorized, a gentle rhythmic vibration is felt throughout the entire body. This vibration reduces and often completely eliminates cellulite which is unheard of by doing any traditional exercise program. Isometric exercises actually strengthen internal muscles such as the heart and lungs, providing an even greater health benefit. These machines help a person increase flexibility, improve blood circulation and increase energy while strengthening muscles and reducing inches. The tremendous increase in blood circulation that occurs by using these machines has helped many people with diabetic neuropathy.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ms Classic North Carolina American Queen

Miss Lillie H. Preston, owner of Lillies Boutique at 121 E Main St has been named Ms Classic North Carolina American Queen. The pageant finals will be held August 3 and 4 in Daytona Florida. The American Queen Pageant is a Major Fundraising Event for The DASH Foundation(Domestic Abuse Stops Here). Their support of The National D.A.S.H. Foundation is made in the names of the American Queen Titleholders. Please take a moment to stop by the shop and congratulate Miss Lillie- and leave your donation to the DASH foundation with her.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

New at Evan's Jewelers

Looking for a special gift for yourself, your car or a friend who has everything? How about an hand painted personalized License plate from Evan's Jewelers...this is the newest addition to the Initials collection- Bridgette is just painting up a storm these days! Choose your colors and show your style!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Polka Dot Zebra-SALE

The Polka Dot Zebra- Don't you just love the name of this shop! It always makes me smile...and if you are wanting a new Vera Bradley bag, there is another reason to smile- right now the retired lines are 25% off. Take a few minutes to check it out! Just one block off 117 across from the post office on N College- While you're there take a look at the summer shades from Merle Norman- summer is such a fun time for makeup! Lighter, brighter, sassy colors to show off that tan and make you feel good! Add a bright new bag -big enough for all your summer stuff and you're ready for the beach!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Van's Beautique is getting a makover

Van's Beautique is getting a makeover! Work has already started. The awning is being reaired, and the building will be powerwashed, the repainted Dove White, with black trim and glossy black on the awning. More pictures as the transformation continues!

Depot Progress

Progress continues at a record pace on the Wallace Depot- The roof is done, the body is painted, windows have been replaced, lights are installed, and decking has been built. It won't be long now!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Business Listings

I have moved the business listings from the downtown web page to the blog- I'll get to them in the next week with pictures and updated info.

Flooring & Interiors
120 W Main St

9:00-5:30 Monday-Friday
9:00-5:00 Saturday

Decorator services. Full line of flooring- carpet, wood, tile and area rugs. Wallpaper available for order, fabric department. Framed art, lamps and home decor items

Cavenaugh's Jewelry
Gifts of Distinction
117 W Main St

9:00-5:00 Monday-Saturday

Brighton leather and jewelry, Bridal registry for all popular china patterns. Madame Alexander dolls, Fitz & Floyd, Lenox, exclusive dealer for Christopher Radko ornaments in Eastern North Carolina.

Creative Concepts
Screen Printing
130 W Main St

Custom screen print tee shirts and sweat shirts. Family reunions, sports teams, business logos.

Little Farmer's Seafood
Main St & Raleigh St

Fresh fish and shellfish at great market prices.

Townsend Auto Parts
135 W Main St

Treasure House
122 E Main St

Coins, coin collector supplies, antiques and collectibles.

Evans Jewelers
108 E Main St
All the latest jewelry looks. Fine gifts.

Johnson Furniture
111 E Main St

Traditional furniture, appliances

Graham Drug Co.
116 E Main St

Health and beauty, Hallmark Cards & gifts

Enterprise Office Outfitters
N College St

Scotties Discount Drugs

N East Railroad St

Honeycutt Pawn & Variety
103 SE Railroad St
Homegrown Computers
E Main St
W Main St

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ray's Barber Shop
120 E Main St

Van's Beauty Supply & Salon
105 E Main St

Waters & Piver CPA'S
121 W Main St

Kay's Hair Styling
106 N East Railroad St

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Downtown Merchants April Promotion

We are so excited about this promotion and we hope you are too! Take a little time to discover the shops of downtown Wallace...and enter for your chance to win!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Check out the new map!

Check out the link to the right for the new Google Map of Downtown businesses- I have the retail & restaurants marked, and will get the services added in the near future. Do you know HOW MANY businesses are in the downtown area! I am amazed every time I work on something like this.