Saturday, September 01, 2007

New at The Polka Dot Zebra

There are all kinds of new finds at The Polka Dot Zebra- New earrings by Jody Coyote Lexees shoes New handbags by Marc Chantal - some all leather- some in great fabrics with leather trim and a wonderful NEW to Wallace line of candles- Tyler candles They are soy candles in yummy flavors- Pineapple Crush; Limeade and my personal favorite "Diva" with floral and fruit scents with undertones of chocolate. Lisa has gotten the complete line of scents and sizes- so indulge your senses!

Let There Be ...Lamps! at 50% OFF

All month long at Farriors, you can save 50% on All Lamps....tall lamps, short lamps, big lamps, small lamps, lamps with metal, lamps with color...lamps that just are like no other!!!!