Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Friends of the Depot Hot Dog & Ice Cream Social

If you missed the Hot Dog 7 Ice Cream Social at the Depot tonight....shame on you! I think the picture of Harriet at the top expresses the exhilaration all of the members of the Friends of the Depot had in seeing dreams come to fruition! They were like little kids on Christmas morning!!!
Jaxie Cavender must have lost 5 pounds running from on place to another to be sure everyone was greeted warmly! Mary Hart Oswald Blackburn and Georgiana Farrior worked tirelessly to keep the drinks on ice and things going smoothly. Lisa & Mary& Mark kept sure the table accepting new contributors to the Friends of the Depot was manned. The turnout was excellent and I am sure has inspired the board to continue offering events downtown....don't miss the next one!